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About Automat

Personalized Shopping Experiences that Drive Growth

Automat helps businesses provide personalized shopping experiences that increase sales by asking questions, listening to customer needs, and recommending products and bundles. After learning about a customer through conversation, Automat then personalizes the ecommerce website for their specific needs. The site personalization shows individual customers the products that are right for them—complete with product badges, ratings and reviews—in real-time and forever. Unlike traditional personalization that is so subtle that you can’t see or feel it, Automat provides AI-powered experiences that consumers love and that drive growth.

Our Founding Team


Jennifer, Erdem and Andy have a few things in common. They all love and have experience with Conversational AI. Andy & Erdem happened to have worked at Nuance Communications at one point in time, and they all believe conversations can make the world different – in a way you’ll actually love.

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Jennifer, has extensive technology experience, including conversational AI and SaaS, leading strategic shifts, building brands, and driving growth for leading global brands.

Erdem’s history developing Question Answering and Natural Language Processing for Nuance, IBM Watson and other solutions isn’t what you’d expect from the easy-going renaissance man you might meet in person – one who also serves as Automat’s Head of Research.

Andy, our CEO, is just as approachable, but once you get him going on a topic, you may get more than you bargained for – what else would you expect from the guy who ran AI for a $350M enterprise division and basically invented the first mobile voice assistant for enterprise?

Look Who’s Talking

We’ve been recognized for changing how people
look at conversations with machines

Our Advisors

Tim O’Reilly

Technology trendspotter & Founder and CEO O’Reilly Media

Gary Clayton

Former Chief Creative Officer TellMe & Nuance

Richard Socher

Chief Scientist at Salesforce, NLP Professor at Stanford

Amy Banse

Managing Director & Head of Funds at Comcast Ventures, Board Member at Adobe Systems

Ron Croen

Founding CEO of Nuance, Partner of You & Mr Jones brand-tech group

Alexis Horowitz-Burdick

Board Member at Klang Games, External Advisor LEGO Ventures at KIRKBI A/S