Conversational AI for Ecommerce

Conversational AI is the best way to engage your customers, learn their needs and provide better shopping experiences. Stop guessing and start listening with simple and effective conversational AI solutions from Automat.

Conversational AI That Knows What Your Customers Love

Automat’s conversational AI asks your customers the right questions, learns what they need, and adapts each experience to increase purchase confidence, brand trust and conversion rate. Get the customer experience that knows your customers better than you do.

Guide Your Customers With Conversations That Care

Take the stress out of online shopping with conversational AI that listens, learns, and leads your customers towards the products they care about. Automat conversations are available 24/7 and integrate seamlessly on your homepage, landing pages, category pages, pop-ups and more.

Lift Customer Satisfaction and Sales

Brands using Automat’s conversational AI see an average of 90% customer satisfaction and increase conversion rate by 200% through automatic bundling and tailored recommendations.

“Automat’s key strength is in the power of their technology to allows us to scale conversational marketing/sales efforts. They are really driving the conversational space with their breakthrough technology.”
Robert Beredo CDO, L’Oréal Canada

Show Your Customers You’re Listening

Listen to your customers, learn their needs and recommend the right products with Personalized Shopping Experiences.

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