Automat builds, launches, and optimizes the best ecommerce experiences

Get essential ecommerce personalization and recommendation for your business without internal development or project management—Automat does it for you.

Shape your perfect strategy

We work with you to build the best personalization and recommendation strategy. Automat is not a generic out-of-the-box software. Based on your goals and needs, we’ll identify the most impactful way to implement Automat across your platform.

Simple integration and deployment

Automat ingests your entire product catalog and integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack—including Shopify, Commerce Tools, Salesforce, Klaviyo and more. Automat is tailored to your platform, so you get value where you need it most.

Launch better shopping experiences everywhere

Launch personalized customer experiences on landing pages, category pages, product pages, banners, homepages and more by simply adding one line of code. Get conversational AI, recommendation and personalization across your entire platform, fast and easy.

Your dedicated success team

We’re here to help even after you launch. Our dedicated success team takes care of reporting and ongoing optimizations to ensure you’re getting the best ROI from your ecommerce recommendation and personalization strategy.

“Automat delivers a personalized customer experience, that is always online, always available, and understands every customer.”
Robbi Webb Director of Ecommerce, Amika

Show Your Customers You’re Listening

Listen to your customers, learn their needs and recommend the right products with Personalized Shopping Experiences.

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