Complete personalization and recommendation for ecommerce

Automat is the fastest and simplest way to make ecommerce
personalization and recommendation part of your platform at scale.

Learn your customer’s needs with conversational AI experiences that ask the right questions. Automat talks, listens and answers with deep knowledge of your products and inventory. Improve the performance of homepages, category pages, landing pages and more with conversational AI that listens.

Automat’s AI maps your product feed and automatically updates the personalized experience based on changes to your inventory. Save thousand of hours of manual exporting, labelling and merchandising with automatic tagging. Automat’s AI reads your product descriptions and tags the features and attributes that your customers care about.

Deliver the right products to your customers instantly with Automat’s powerful recommendation engine. Increase AOV and purchase confidence with personalized recommendations, and automated bundling.

Show your customers you care with online shopping experiences made for them. Convert more and build lasting relationships with personalized product descriptions, badges, ads, landing pages, match scores, reviews and recommendations.

“Automat delivers a personalized customer experience, that is always online, always available, and understands every customer.”
Robbi Webb Director of Ecommerce, Amika

Show Your Customers You’re Listening

Listen to your customers, learn their needs and recommend the right products with Personalized Shopping Experiences.

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