Let's Get Personal(ized)

Whether you’re a full-service ecommerce agency or a point-solution provider, you want to provide strategic guidance to your clients. Automat helps agency partners big and small deliver a personalized shopping experience to their clients’ customers.

Become a referral partner when you introduce us to a qualified active client or prospect.

We operate a flexible program that can adapt to your workflow to deliver a solution, or we can take care of everything while you enjoy the benefits of referral.

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Emerging DTC’s and global marketers trust Automat to grow sales, increase customer satisfaction and drive zero-party data for marketing ROI.

Benefits for Agencies Referring Automat Personalization to Their Clients:

We’ll implement AI-driven virtual product advisors, a full-suite of shopping personalization and conversational marketing for your clients in as little as 4 weeks.

Dedicated partner manager and best practices

Increased sales and marketing ROI = Happy Clients driving more revenue

We’re passionate about increasing sales and marketing ROI for your ecommerce clients.

Enjoy a new revenue stream through either a flat referral consideration or a competitive revenue share structure.

Automat delivers a personalized customer experience, that is always online, always available, and understands every customer.

Robbi Webb

Director of Ecommerce, Amika

Easy integration with the rest of your ecommerce tech stack

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