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Product Recommendation Engine

Suggest the right products at the right time with product recommendations that understand your customers. Show your customers you’re listening with suggestions that increase purchase confidence, trust and conversion rate.

Build Purchase Confidence with Better Recommendations

Stop relying on generic recommendations that aren’t right for your customers. Build purchase confidence by listening to your customers, showing relevant product reviews, and explaining why product recommendations are perfect for them.

Personalized Product Bundling

Go beyond single-intent shopping and static upsells with automated product bundling. Increase average order value and conversion rate with personalized product bundles your customers love.

Flexible Recommendation Logic

Adapt product recommendations to your changing business goals. Prioritize promotions, new products and back stock with hands-on control of your product recommendation logic.

“Automat delivers a personalized customer experience, that is always online, always available, and understands every customer.”
Robbi Webb Director of Ecommerce, Amika

Show Your Customers You’re Listening

Listen to your customers, learn their needs and recommend the right products with Personalized Shopping Experiences.

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