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Amika Case Study

Moving from an endless scroll of products…

to personalized hair care experiences for each visitor.

When amika began looking for Conversational AI for ecommerce technology, they had a simple objective in mind. They needed to offer a more intimate experience and stand out in a very competitive market. They were already using live chat, and these conversations served as early signals of bigger marketing and sales potentials. Customers were engaging, asking for tips and recommendations from amika but the brand didn’t have the ability to reply instantly and offer a real hair care consultation to each visitor.

Amika's Conversational Goals:

  • Increase online sales from educational conversations
  • Create a deeper relationship with their customers
  • Address customer needs 24/7 with immediate hair care expert experience

Amika partnered with Automat to make these conversations a real source of revenue, and to provide customers with the immediate, always-on experience that they envisioned.

Amika's Website Personalization Results:

  • 3x more conversion
  • 90% customer satisfaction
  • 4x average revenue per Automat user
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