INFOGRAPHIC: Death of The Cookie & What It Means For eCommerce

In a time where more consumers are expecting (and even appreciating!) growing levels of 1:1 personalization from their digital experiences, many eCommerce brands appear to be rather stuck in the mud.  That’s why we think moves announced by companies such as Apple and Google to limit the use of third party cookies through their platforms are going to be prove a great forcing function to help brands focus on what really matters: helping consumers get what they need.

Conversational AI is at a significant inflection point in the way the technology enables business.  For eCommerce brands, the ROI potential in 1:1 website visitor personalization currently sits where the promise of Big Data sat in the minds of marketers going back around a decade.  The promise of a step change in technology and its empowering effect on the way we can all do business sits tantalizingly in front of us, but many brands and businesses are still looking around, nervously eyeing their contemporaries, and hoping someone else will lead the way.

Here are some insights (and results!) from other eCommerce leaders to help your team get started thinking about how to approach this exciting work:

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