How Leading Brands Are Changing the Way They Think About Personalization

Most companies have a narrow understanding of what it means to leverage Conversational AI to improve the customer experience. In a nutshell, most companies think in terms of chatbots

Automat’s CEO and Co-founder, Andy Mauro was invited to speak with the CEO of MyPlanet, Jason Cottrell about how customers and leading brands are changing the way they think about personalization.

It’s not about talking to computers, it’s about computers that listen

— Andy Mauro, Co-founder and CEO, Automat.

Ecommerce shoppers, when left to their own devices, can find products by using browse and search, but these tools don’t help customers know whether or not they are making the right purchase for their specific needs. With its product recommendation engine and website personalization for ecommerce, Automat isn’t just helping customers find any product, it’s building purchase confidence by delivering tailored recommendations that fully meet their individual needs.

To quote MyPlanet, “don’t just meet your customers’ expectations, exceed them.” Online shoppers are starting to expect more from their online shopping experiences, Automat gives ecommerce businesses the tools they need to exceed their expectations.

“I think they’re on to something and their conversion data proves it ” — Jason Cottrell, CEO, MyPlanet

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